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“Achievers of Africa’, Speaking Coffee Table Book on Who’s Who of Africa

Project Info

Client Unified Brainz Virtuosu Ltd.

Project Description

‘Achievers of Africa’ is Africa’s First Speaking Coffee Table Book, a book that not only reads but truly speaks as well using the latest state of the art technology of  AR- Augmented Reality. After the grand success of a series of such digitally manifested Speaking Coffee Table Books on Who’s Who of various states in India for which it found a place in the “World Book of Records, London” for being the 1st Speaking Coffee table Book ever, Achievers of Africa is set to present the glory of the land of Africa and its people in the most grandeur presentation, highlighting the  most revered & eminent people of the land through their short biographies and colourful pictures. The book is a real time manifestation of the future reading style of modern readers where they can read the text as well as see the related videos at the same time using a mobile app. The apt videos with voice over of these illustrious personalities, embedded in the book through the creative technology of Augmented Reality will then add splendors to the truly enchanting concept of the Speaking Coffee Table Book. The book is being prepared and set to be launched soon.