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Passion Vista Magazine

UB Group publishes a global Luxury, Life Style & Business magazine, “Passion Vista”. Magazine released its 4th edition in the month of July, 2019.

Passion Vista, the quarterly, hyper-lifestyle, luxury and business magazine, featuring the trends & threads which weave the quintessential fabric of the ‘Crème Life’. Passion Vista magazine is the ultimate showcase for five star travel, fine dining, exclusive property, luxury casr, private jets, high end fashion, premium beauty and the very best in grooming. However, what separates us is that we are much more than just a luxury lifestyle magazine sitting on the stand of a book store. We, for the first time, have integrated business & entrepreneurship with the world of luxury & lifestyle.

With over 100,000 copies in the circulation across countries like USA, Canada, UK, Sri Lanka, South Africa and India, we publish quality over quantity as our affluent and high end readers only want to read about the brands and services that deliver on their promises. That’s why the vast majority of the hotels, restaurants and consumer brands featured on the magazine have been road tested by our expert team of writers.