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Global Business Leadership Forum & Awards

Global Business Leadership Forum is a unique platform that creates multitudes of avenues for knowledge sharing, networking and recognition for those who have the unabated talent & skills but find it difficult to present in absence of a proper similar opportunity. Its an yearly affair, a day long extravaganza that ensures excellent presentations by renowned speakers such as corporate leaders , education enthusiasts, social activists, dynamic entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities and many other such minds before an equally excited audience that gathers to listen to the latest and most challenging happenings, many of the times based on UN SDG based themes from the leaders of their fields.

The Forum leaves a mark in memory through scintillating speeches & animated panel discussions and is marked with the presence of dignitaries of high repute including international speakers, diplomats from various countries, business leaders, film, TV & sports celebrities, dynamic entrepreneurs, ardent professionals, renowned academicians, philanthropists, and press & media.

The forum is followed by Leadership Awards which is one of the biggest award arena covering more than 40 industries under one roof and disburse awards in more than 14 categories. Such a diverse award show captures the sensitive business models of each and every industry vertical and evaluate its awardees based on its dynamics.

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