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Personal Branding

Like a product, an individual’s image in the minds of people in his or her network is perceived based on his behaviour, knowledge, qualification and other personality traits. Improving this perception by bringing out the best in him or her and making over changes is termed as personal branding. For personal brand building and brand makeover, Unified Brainz Group uses various marketing tools including personality makeover, improving oratory skills, soft skills, publicising through social media postings through creative designs and better content writing and other marketing activities. Image building exercise of a person is quite similar to brand building, in which all positive traits & deeds of a person are highlighted through various sources at the right places in the right time so that people like & trust him/ her. However, it should not be misunderstood to be a onetime activity as it’s a regular exercise required to continuously grooming & manoeuvring the acts in order to maintain the top position on the pyramid.

We don’t claim to improve the traits of a person, but to make them visible to people around him/her in a positive way. There are various ways to showcase an entity in today’s digital world, which include social media, digital presentation, omnipresence through electronic media, etc. which ensures that a leader is presented to its followers in the most appropriable way. The image of a person in people’s mind is a perception which can be improved many folds if rubbed on right corners. This we do by working as a personal consultant and advisor on various personal and professional issues.

We strive to make the process seamless, professional and fun for our clients. It will be a process of personal discovery, growth and continuous improvement as the clients develop and refine his or her personal brand. The activities generally involved are Brand Statement, Message through a Video Bite, Personal website, Designs for personal visiting cards, letter heads and other collaterals, keeping the website live & vibrant by writing articles, posting blogs, etc., Search Engine Optimization- SEO, Social Sites’ Pages, a Presentation, Media Plan, Improving on Your Deliverables, highlighting the profile as a Keynote speaker in conferences, seminars, networking gatherings, etc.