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Gusto With GD- Season 2

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Project Description

Gusto With GD is an exciting family entertainment talk show that promises to bring out the inner voice of its participants which otherwise is difficult to share with others. Its not exactly about business and profession but one’s story of success and failure, the tenacity that helps one holds one’s grounds, the lessons one learns from one’s failures, the support & guidance that changes one’s fate, the passion that drives one’s desires into reality, the moments of decisive actions that save one’s life and all those sweet & sour talks without which one’s story would not be complete.

It’s a show that will introduce many dynamic personalities in every season from celebrities to influencers, HNIs, socialites, business tycoons and our audience on various digital channel like never before. The talk show will present its participants in a different light which they were never known by. It’s all about Guts, Glory & Gusto.

Production of Season I has recently got completed and is waiting for its launch very soon. Season II is in the process and will soon entre into production.

“Gusto with GD”