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50 Most Admired Global Africans


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Client Unified Brainz
Skills Gala Magazine Launch

Project Description

“50 Most Admired Global Africansare the epitome of success and commemoration for the selected few Business Entrepreneurs, Illustrious Individuals & Industry s Leaders who have excelled in their respective domains through their passion.

Participation are Invited from Entrepreneurs & Industry Leaders from all walks of life & industry domains who have made their mark on the world stage, with their unique contributions and achievements not just in African but all across the globe with their outstanding contributions through their business & social outreach.

The participants represent five major regions where the community has established itself successfully (Canada, US, UK, Africa and India). Recognizing them on a single stage makes it a truly global event that will raise the collective profile of the African Community globally.

Passion Vista – A Global Luxury, Lifestyle & Business Magazine ( along with Global Rating & Accreditation Agency – CIAC Global ( Invites Nomination from Illustrious Individuals  who hails from African.