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Future Billionaires

In earlier times, earning fame and money was a long time process which sometimes used to take generations to reach the pinnacle. Today, in the time of digital technology, that span has reduced to only a few years for some. Most of the times, it doesn’t even need to be a family business which only requires some pushes here & there to reach the top. The growth story of many is only a decade old. Some of the new start ups by those who don’t even have business run in the family, success came really early.

In earlier times, when time taken to reach the pinnacle was long, predictions were not possible unless certain summits were climbed. Now, many of those start ups have thrown results even before the economic cycle takes a full turn. This fast rise makes it possible to predict as to who is going to be a successful businessman in the next decade. UB Group has taken the task of identifying such young dynamic minds, based on their past records, whether they will be able to reach the prestigious group of Billionaires in near future. Despite all evens, this still is no easy job; showing the mirror to future riches when they themselves are not 100% sure about it.  Nevertheless, UB Group is writing an onerous coffee table book on Future Billionaires of India which will include all those promising young minds who have already made a splash by their initial innovations. The book is planned to be completed by 2020.