Sri Lanka is the second most active region, a happening place for many activities for UB Group because of its close proximity and similar market like India. Its a growing economy with lots of opportunities which makes it an ideal market for new ideas. Sri Lanka has mostly had strong growth rates in recent years with a robust annual growth at 6.4 percent over the course of the 2003-2012 period, well above its regional peers. Sri Lanka is like the second home for UB Group, a choice comes naturally as it is ahead of other countries in the South Asian region.

Office Address

14-7/3 Span Tower,
Kalyani Road,
Colombo 6,
Sri Lanka.

Our Core Team


Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe

Vice President & Editor
Unified Brainz of Sri Lanka


Nimali Adikari

Manager- PR & Sales
Unified Brainz of Sri Lanka


Junius Silva

Manager- Operations & Projects
Unified Brainz of Sri Lanka



Manager – Operations
Unified Brainz of Sri Lanka