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Knockdown the Lockdown – ë-Coffee Table Book


Project Info

Client Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd.
Skills Knockdown the Lockdown - ë-Coffee Table Book

Project Description

The unprecedented situation that COVID-19 has created worldwide has baffled most business owners. Nobody is sure how long it would be and what repercussions it would bring at the end. Let us pledge to break the monotony, amidst this pandemic, allow the voices of change makers to be heard and recognised.

Your Chance to voice your opinion in a first of its kind, e-Coffee Table Book “Knockdown the Lockdown’’ presented by Unified Brainz Virtuoso Limited (UBVL) in association with Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) and Passion Vista – A Luxury Lifestyle & Business Magazine.

This is for recognised Industry leaders, management consultants, statistical experts, marketing gurus, media icons, and most importantly every ‘Wo/Man of the Moment’.

It is time to engage with audiences, share your story of Impact, and construct a positive, resilient go-to strategy for business owners, retailers, brands, e-commerce, supply chain experts, healthcare professionals, payment gateways, entertainment industry, anything and everything in the future of the contactless economy.

Your Voice in these uncertain times counts. Make it heard & forever embedded in history. You’re Opinions Matter.

Share ideas and business philosophy for – Impact Lives | Build Community | Inspire Conversations | Timeless Content

Engage with fellow humans in these tough times through a Special Editorial, featuring your Best Business Practices to Knockdown the Lockdown. Show and help them with your message of solidarity, business resilience and temerity, appealing the stakeholders to connect, react and attack COVID-19.

We are grateful for you to have joined us for this movement of #KnockdownTheLockdown

Your stories of solidarity and messages of leadership in the crucible of COVID-19 crisis.