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Coffee Table Book- Who’s Who of The World 2021

Project Info

Client Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd.

Project Description

This is an astounding collection of short biographies of the most revered & eminent people of the world, assembled in a unique Coffee Table Book called, ‘Who’s Who of The World 2021’, which gets published by Unified Brainz Media & Publication House in quinquennial editions, i.e. the next edition being due in 2026 or in other words a Gold Limited Edition. The CTB will feature the success stories, life challenges, emotional upheavals, leadership qualities and a message for their followers of the most affluent socialites & aristocrats, celebrities from films & fashion, philanthropists & investors, global business leaders, young entrepreneurs, renowned professionals, artists & innovators, role model sportspersons, and other who’s who of the society & business from all 6 continents of the known world.

Coffee Table Book on Who’s Who of the World2021, is our way of celebrating the success of most sought after people from across the globe. Through this book launch and the felicitation event, we want to recognize and honour the leaders and influencers who, against all odds, have managed to achieve massive success in their enterprise and continue to do so.