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How to Defeat Business Slowdown in Lockdown Due to COVID 19

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt businesses and bring the world economy to a halt, many businesses are looking for solutions and help. As consultants, we strive to solve problems and find answers for businesses, and this crisis has created an impact on clients in virtually every industry. Unfortunately, this impact is likely going to last, and it may be a long time before economies can return to the pre-COVID level of production and output.

To help navigate this crisis, we provide some specific examples of how businesses can implement solutions that will help them get through this tough time.

Customer Service and Management

Every business needs to ensure their customers are all getting the help they seek. A company must establish a customer service command centre to provide a quick and adept representative who can respond to questions, and to gather and analyze the information from customers and clients to effectively combat future problems. More so your business needs to show it is run by human beings that care and know the customer is the top priority.  We enable your teams with solutions to serve customers almost as if it was a brick and mortar model. Our services include providing online chat services, waiving or discount offers, encourage them to move onto online banking, payments and more areas of customer service and delight.

Proactive Solutions

As much as corporates, businesses, manufacturers do not wish to lay people off, halt expansion plans, or curb marketing expenses,  our team of expert consultants advise clients on what ‘immediate action points’ they can shrink voluntarily before a global slowdown occurs.We help companies to do a thorough analysis of every level of operation, expenditure and prepare a robust action plan. This review needs to be done through the lens of this crisis, and with the time frame for recovery in mind.  Implementing the required solutions is not easy, but vital to stemming the crisis’ impact where possible.

Supply Chain and Operational Diversification

Being complacent will not help, the need of the hour is in the diversification efforts. Companies will experience the effects of border closures, travel bans, and other slowdowns in different ways. Companies need to diversify and implement backup solutions during this time, increasing the choice of service providers, partners, online modules, digital transactions and information storage must be considered for each offering, product, or service.

Marketing your Brand

With everyone working from home and behind their computers during this crisis, an efficient digital marketing campaign is paramount.  Marketing communications require nimble yet effective data-driven decisions. Brand loyalty and awareness is harnessed through strategic brand messaging that is aligned with the consumer’s needs.  Attention and focus will be skewed toward social media and websites, ensuring that the webpages are updated timely.

By leveraging our ability to help clients solve their most complex problems. From change management to mergers and acquisitions, to turnaround and restructuring, we are differentiated by our capability to view challenges from a real-world perspective based on our deep understanding of financial markets.  Delivering this kind of value empowers clients with actionable strategies to lead in the marketplace where they operate, and where they want to be after the crisis is over. More than ever, businesses need manageable solutions to mitigate risk, create cost efficiencies, and remain profitable during this pandemic.

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