Unified Brainz is a 360 degree management consulting organization with a difference. Not only do we create and capture value for our consulting clients, we also practice what we preach: combining our brand, technology and intellectual property know-how in unconventional risk-reward relationships; or backing our ideas by launching our own ventures.

About Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd.:

Founded in the year 2005 through the vision of its founder & promoter–Prof. Dr. GD Singh (Global Management Consultant), after a decade long successful operations as a strategic business advisory & consulting firm, IBERIS Inc. has now been integrated into the Unified Brainz Group of Companies, a venture holdings of “Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd.-UBVL” and “Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd. ”From 2014 onwards, UBVL has continued as a public limited company and UBVL as a proprietary company with the mission of helping SMEs & Corporate entities to expand their market share & help them grow in their respective industries by developing unique supply chain capabilities. UBVL provides them competitive edge through its business advisory, consulting & other services from its diversified business portfolio/verticals and holding companies as part of the Unified Brainz Group.

This combination enables us to comprehend all development issues from an internal, expert perspective while engaging with our clients in a strategic, results-oriented approach. Unified Brainz Group is organized as an international expert network of academics, administrators, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Since our inception, we have grown to comprise more than 50 members in eleven countries & growing.

We aim to be the advisory firm of choice to the world’s leading universities, innovative public agencies and ministries, and select commercial companies engaged in areas covered by our Practice Area portfolio. Unified Brainz Group uses the platform of Theory of Constraints solutions and thinking processes for developing these capabilities for its clients. With its growth trajectory, Unified Brainz – UB Group is one of the fastest growing management consulting companies in India. UBVL has started with a vision to become the largest consulting company in the country with global recognition for thought leadership.